I stumbled upon Alycia at a time where I was trying to overcome some overwhelming personal challenges. Starting my Reiki sessions with Alycia, she has helped me come to a place of understanding about where there challenges were arising from, and what they meant for me. Almost 18 months later, I’ve learnt so much about my spiritual self through what arises in each of my Reiki sessions, but also through Alycia’s helpfulness and kindness and always helping me to understand symbols, colours, angels, and teaching me to meditate, everything I needed to fulfil my journey of self growth. we recently had an angel card sessions where Alycia taught me how to do my own readings, explaining the importance of rituals, and how to read cards. It has been a real test of my skills and spiritual intuition I have developed, but Alycia has always helped me find the answers when a spread is not clear to me. Finding Alycia has been a true blessing….always generous with her time, and her knowledge, I am incredibly grateful for the journey she has helped me travel.