Having seen Alycia for over a year now for both Reiki and Skin Treatments the change I see in myself personally and my skin is nothing short of unbelievable.

My journey with Alycia began through Reiki when my sister pushed me into have a session as I was constantly feeling sick and had no appetite to eat. Medically I was healthy, but I just wasn’t hungry and constantly felt sick. I didn’t understand why.

When I first met Alycia I was hesitant about Reiki and doubtful in what it could actually do. I had never put much thought into spiritual healing and how your subconscious mind and spiritual being affects your everyday being. Consciously, I thought I was fine, but subconsciously I was harboring a lot of negativity that was making me feel unwell. After one session with Alycia the change I saw in myself was unreal. The day after seeing her I got my appetite back, lost that sick feeling in my stomach – I felt like a new person, and to this day none of it has come back.

Looking back, I ask myself why I didn’t do it sooner. I am a completely different person; I have grown through these sessions, the kind of self-growth that doesn’t just happen from growing up. My outlook on situations and life in general is so different, I almost don’t recognize the person I was over a year ago.

Also, in addition to Reiki I began Skin Treatments. I messaged Alycia after seeing a photo she uploaded to Facebook simply saying “I want this, can we do this?”, from then on we begun a whole skin plan to get me to a point where I felt confident to leave the house without makeup on. Six months down the track and I no longer wear full coverage makeup during the day all I wear is mineral powder makeup – if I put any on at all. I’m confident to leave the house without makeup on and my friends and family comment on the change in my skin – it’s an incredible feeling. I’ve invested in my skin and it has paid off, I’ve changed my entire skin regime and I’ve got the right products recommended by Alycia which have all contributed to the massive change.

However, in saying that personally, I think my spiritual and skin journey have gone hand in hand. By addressing the subconscious issues that weigh me down personally and affect me externally I have seen major changes in my skin and life. All of these changes I have seen aren’t just me growing up and maturing, it’s me opening my mind to different ways of thinking and reacting to situations with the help and guidance of Alycia.

I simply cannot thank and recommend her enough for everything she has taught me and the time she has invested into my skin. I can’t wait to see how much more I continue to grow with these sessions in the future.