Reiki and Spiritual Mentoring- Women

These sessions are dedicated to your spiritual growth and inner healing.
In my experience over the years I have seen many souls transform through spiritual guidance sessions. I have witnessed many people;
  • find comfort in anxiety levels
  • adjust abnormal sleeping patterns/ spiritual insomnia
  • recognise blocks relating to life path confusion
  • increase in energy stemming from depressive states of being
  • altered states of consciousness (dream state analysis)
  • unblock aspects of self blocking from self love– and love for others
  • increase libido, sexual passion, and passion for life in general
  • release creative blocks
  • unlock past-life restraints (past life healing)
  • find connections with loved ones (Mediumship)
    The list really does go on…..

What is Reiki?

It is perhaps easier answering this question to first state what Reiki is not…..
  • It is NOT a religion nor is it associated with any religion, sect or cult.
  • It is NOT a diagnostic tool and should no way be used as a way to tell someone they have physical/ mental conditions, or disease.
REIKI is a Japanese word of two syllables, which mean;
REI (pronounced RAY) = Universal Spirit or essence
KI (pronounced Key) = Life Energy, Light or Chi
Therefore Reiki translates to UNIVERSAL SPIRIT OF LIFE or UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It helps promote recovery and healing. Reiki energy empowers the receiver to take the most appropriate step in their growth and development, their highest soul purpose. Thus the recipients heal themselves.
Reiki attuned individuals have the ability to use this universal life force energy, and are taught how to channel this energy through their bodies to the receiver. During the channeling process, the energy needs of the practitioner are supplemented and maintained (they do not drain their own energy).
Reiki practitioners are not healers. We are purely channels of Life Force Energy. The giving of Reiki must be unconditional. A Reiki channel simply TRUSTS life force energy, surrenders to it and acknowledges it will go where it needs to go to produce the greatest benefit for the receiver. A Reiki channel cannot promise as to cures, miracles, or other such considerations.
Reiki practitioners are not medical practitioners or medical intuitives. Legally Reiki therpapists have no say in whether or not someone needs further treatment or help from a Medical Health practitioner. Everyone has freewill, and it is up to the person to choose whether or not they need to seek further advice.
No session is ever the same
They are not indicated for finding answers about the future/  finding out about another persons life path
When you book in for a healing session you are consenting to Reiki energy exchange.