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Candle Fragrances


LEMONGRASS AND PERSIAN LIME; The unmistakable natural fresh citrus scent of lemongrass is combined with zesty lime, lemon peel and a soft floral undertone.

KAKADU PLUM AND BUSH CUCUMBER; Stunning fresh notes of fir needle with a twist of orange and the natural, herbaceous scent of leafy green intertwines seamlessly with the comfort of vanilla, through to blood plum which further compliments this scent and culminates with the spicy allure of musk and fresh cucumber.


DANDELION PEAR; A fresh and clean aroma with dandelion and wildflowers subtly blended with fresh pear, tea leaf and aloe vera.

RHUBARB PEAR; A fruity feast of nashi pear with tart rhubarb and boysenberry. A musky, melon base is lifted with notes of raspberry, peach, strawberry and orange zest.


HIMALYAN BAMBOO; A complex union of bamboo foliage and rich green florals. The subtle character of this fragrance is calming rather than overwhelming, so it is well suited for a high-end or aroma-therapy line – where a room filling, not house filling fragrance is desired.

HERBS BY THE SEA; A crisp and refreshing breeze that blends in scents from the beach with green herbal notes of basil, thyme & rosemary.

POMEGRANATE AND SAGE; A vibrant green floral with botanical sage, sweet pomegranate and tropical ferns.


DARK AMBER AND CARDAMON; Strong musky amber notes head up this intriguing fragrance, with additional notes of cardamom, bergamot and nutmeg to give a citrus spicy finish.

CLOVE AND SANDALWOOD; A warming woody scent with bold beginnings of cedarwood, patchouli and peppercorn lingering in combination with spicy clove, cinnamon, amber and white musk

THYME AND OLIVE LEAF; A unique blend of green olive and olive leaf intertwined with lemon thyme, bergamot and subtle notes of musk and amber