What causes acne?

  • Hormonal changes can occur at any time in one’s life. The androgen hormone secrets excess amount of sebum (oil) which then plug the follicles resulting in an infection which present as an acne eruption.

  • Bacteria can be present as acne is most often present as a result erupted/ picked pustules or papules

  • Diets high in sugar and fat may also increase the amount of oil flow in the skin. Although the link between the condition and symptoms isn’t conclusive, it is believed that diet may enhance acne symptoms.

  • Some people are simply more genetically predisposed to the condition than others.

  • Menstrual cycle, anxiety and stress, particular shampoos, hot and humid climates, oil based makeup, greasy hair and pimple squeezing.

What can Alycia do to help?

  • Cutera Laser Genesis treatment

  • Medical Grade Peels

  • Recommend medical grade skincare solutions

  • Complimentary skin consultations. Alycia will discuss options suited to your skin type. It is recommended to speak with her before purchasing any product, so please contact her prior to placing a skincare order.

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