Soul School- My role on Earth

A piece I wrote a few years back. Sitting on my grandmothers couch. I had just moved in with her after my dear Nonno passed away.
My name is Alycia. Thank you kindly for visiting my website. Please keep reading if you are interested in hearing my basic perception of this thing called “life purpose”. I have felt compelled to start up a website/blog for many years now and I feel now this is the time for me to extend my inner voice to you.
 This day and age is changing, moving at an acceleratd rate. Perceptions, morals, mind control, thoughts and emotional patterns are all changing, dramtically as we ascend from dimension to dimension. It took me a while to settle into my new vibration after delving into the world of spirituality many years ago. Now I wouldnt have it any other way. I live and breathe every part of my being; Mind health, physical wellbeing and emotions. I feel I can shed some light upon your path through my healings and stories. If you are all confused about this “vibrational talk” please don’t stress! Your higher self knows exactly what I am refering to. The aim of my page and blog is to shift your awareness and conciousness to a profound sense of belonging. I trust all in good time I will be writing about ascension!
So LIFE! Living on earth for me is like being at school, lets call it Soul School.
 We are all students. Every single one of us on this earth was born a student. I imagine this all the time: Our immediate family, extended family, foster parents, “life long friends”and life partners are our CLASSROOM FAMILY. Together as a class we can all help each other get to the next level of schooling. We spend most of the time with these people, and when we don’t, we sometimes feel like we don’t belong or feel lost and alone. This is our tribe, where we feel a true sense of belonging on a soul level.
 All the other people that come in and out of our lives including school and uni friends, work friends, partners, and soul mates are OUR PLAYGROUND friends. Some of us would rather spend time with playground mates because it’s like a getaway from the classoom. We can let loose, seek thrill and feel free. No parental conditioning/morals to abide by. We can come across bullies in the playground, quite and shy individuals to play with play, the people with little money to buy something from canteen, the ones that sit back and watch the world go by, we have the peace makers, the trouble makers….you get my drift. Many different sorts! It is up to us if we want to become closer to certain people, or if we want to steer away and play in another part of the playground. Sometimes we can get pulled into certain friendships and games. Maybe you don’t want to play “down ball” you want to play on the swings or sandpit, but you get caught up in the emotion and mental anguish you get pulled to something that is not of the highest good……Its YOUR CHOICE to go. When emotions get in the way and you get confused you ask a teacher or a healer to guide and give you the strength.
 Which brings us to the teachers. We can have many teachers, science teachers, art teachers , math teachers etc. These people I call our SOUL TEACHERS. These are the people in our lives to guide us, nurture us along the way. Some can be harsh, some can be nice. We ALWAYS learn something from these teachers. These teachers come and go once the lesson has be taught, and applied.
 Then we also have the SCHOOL NURSES- these are the healers in your life. The ones that provide you peace and harmony when you are unwell, your real life doctors, nurses, surgeons, mental health workers, naturopaths, spiritual healers, therapists, massage theraspists, counsellors, energy healers etc
 Some of us on EARTH SCHOOL find it hard to comprehend what lessons are needed to be taught and learned, and why we have to go through hardship, grief, loss, anxiety etc We hold onto things personally, making us feel confused and torn within. We build big barriers and walls in front of us because we don’t want to feel pain and hurt.
 As I grew, I stepped into the role of being a SCHOOL NURSE. I graduated and became a Beauty Therapist, then went onto further study to become a Dermal Therapist. Over the past 11 years I have strengthened my “healer role” and completed many courses in Reiki, Theta Healing, many different forms of massage and energy healing work.
 NOW the new phase in my life…..A teacher. We all overlap these so called roles in our lives constantly. I am ready to pass on my knowledge to the other around me who are stuck in the playground, they cant find there way, they don’t know what to do confused about the next step. The don’t know what they can do to help others.
 One thing I can tell you, is once you know what you life purpose is, you feel instant relief. Its something your soul recognises when someone tells you, and you feel it. Every cell in your body smiles.  Life purpose in my opinion does not just refer to choice of career, its your passion/ your flame and feeling within and acceptance of self. It is how you can help others achieve to be better versions of themselves. The amount of gratitue you feel when you have discoverd how to do this is unexplainable. We will always have peaks and troughs along our journey. Life is forever changing. People coming, people going, feelings coming and going, it is never ending. Its the awarenss you carry with it which will decifer how much you suffer or embrace along your path.
I am very grateful for everyone who walks into my life, and who leaves at certain points. I am able to see and feel the lessons applied. Not to say its easy all the time, far from what I am trying to say. Being able to OBSERVE your feelings from the outside is a beautiful thing. I am also grateful for knowing the biggest lesson can also be to just accept the situation.
I feel I am here to pass on messages that you may not be able to comprehended, grasp or hear for yourself. These messages your body are trying to tell you, but you are not able to hear clearly because of belief systems, painful feelings, or a strong egostic voice overiding your higher self. A lot of people seek help, guidance and wisdom to do the healing for them….I feel my role in peoples lives is to shine more clarity in their minds eye and heart, so they can move further along their path with ease and grace. Helping you to find the healer within.
 I would rather call myself a witness. A witness to the healing the client is willing to accept. I have witnessed many beautiful transformations along my life journey. The universe sends me clients when the time is right , and I trust that with my whole being. I have had so many personal emotional breakthrough just by channelling energy for people. I am truly blessed to be able to speak so freely about my path, my calling and essence.
 Thank you for visiting me page. One thing I ask of the universe is that “every person who visits this website will take away one piece of information about holistic health which will enbale them to make peace with their mind, body, and spirit”
 Wishing you a calm journey,
Alycia Cerra

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